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Pull the automation equipment demand for the construction of power grid
2014-02-25 15:26:30

Pull the automation equipment demand for the construction of power grid
"Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the investment of about $2.55 for the construction of power grids, compared to the "eleven five" during the 1.5 trillion yuan, "1025" power grid investment of up to 68%.
The network that in "smart grid" development planning, the overall construction of the UHV grid as a strong power grid backbone network, coordinated development of power at all levels, using information technology, digitization, automation, interactive characterized by innovation, leading international strong smart grid. By 2015, the total investment of power grid is expected to be 1500000000000 yuan, intelligent investment 175000000000 yuan, the annual power grid investment 35000000000 yuan. In recent years, the synchronous growth of electric power automation equipment market and the power grid investment, especially the construction of smart grid, opened up new markets for automation equipment market.
The so-called power automation equipment refers to the power system (including the power grid and power plant) control, monitoring, protection, operation and management of the equipment, including both hardware and software, can be divided into the relay protection, substation automation, automation, distribution automation, electric energy metering and billing automation, electric power market. The relationship between electric power automation equipment and power is most closely, its primary role is to improve the power grid and power supply reliability, real-time monitoring of power grid, reducing planned and breakdown time.
"In fact, the construction of power grids, can promote the automation monitoring system, security system, protection system and related equipment will be used more widely. The electric power automation equipment market demand will have important role." Zhu Jianmei on the "China electricity daily" reporters.
In addition, mainly in the protection and substation in electric power automation equipment industry in China has basically unchanged, China in power plant, substation automation, automation of power network dispatching automation, metering and billing automation market scale showed a growing trend, especially to occupy a larger share of substation automation. Emerging market and electric power automation industry, such as power quality control products, power market transaction support system, grid security and stability control system of annual demand market in the billion.
Domestic equipment to occupy the dominant position of the market
In recent years, China's electric power automation equipment market scale has expanded each year, according to incomplete statistics, above scale enterprises reached 400 or so. But along with the domestic intelligent demand increased gradually, and the enterprises to improve the level of domestic equipment made in China, because of its more suitable for running environment of home only to occupy a dominant market position.
According to insiders, the current domestic electric power automation equipment market competition pattern, can be divided into high-end market (220000 kV and above voltage) and the low end of the market (110000 volts and below voltage) and two different areas, foreign companies mainly occupy a certain share in the high-end market. But China part of electric power automation equipment enterprises regardless of technology or on the market, have to face competition from Multi-National Corporation strength. While the foreign enterprise competitiveness in the automation equipment industry has been in decline. According to the energy management system as an example, the state power Nari, Electric Power Research Institute and ABB and other Multi-National Corporation to compete, the state power Nari occupy a larger share in the domestic market.
At present, the competition pattern of electric power automation market, the industry will be summarized as, high-end market competition from a monopoly to oligopoly, the low end of the market is changing from complete competition to monopoly competition. "In the substation automation field as an example, the domestic many manufacturers, uneven, most only provide individual types of equipment, or the industrial and mining enterprises low-end customers, to the national grid provides the main equipment supplier of complete system is nothing more than the state power Nari, Guodian Nanzi, Beijing Quartet, Xu Ji electric, integrated electronic, Dongfang Electronics etc. famous enterprises." Zhu Jianmei to the "China electric power newspaper" reporter for example.
The breakdown of the field, is the leading position in the market, such as electric relay protection South ease progress quickly; XJ electric and southern state power free distribution automation rather strength; Dongfang Electronics has a strong market influence and so on in dispatching automation, substation automation, electric power market.
It is not difficult to see that, in the field of high-end products, related enterprises in the industry of China is still small. While in the low-end field, electric power automation equipment industry in the development process of China's overall technological level compared with the advanced enterprises also has certain disparity, the technical level of backward equipment performance, technical low added value. Faced with this situation, the future electric power automation enterprises of our country should seize the opportunities for development of power grid construction, speed up product development, in order to enhance its core competitiveness.
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